What to Wear to an Interview for a Janitor

When going on an interview, it's common practice to dress according to the job you are interviewing for. For a janitor interview, it can be tempting to dress down. But, dressing down can give a negative impression to the interviewer, which may cost you the job. Before choosing your interview outfit, do your research to make sure it is appropriate for the occasion.

First Things First

Before deciding what to wear to a janitor interview, check out the company atmosphere. Visit the company to see what other employees are wearing. If you don't want to visit the company, call the receptionist to inquire about the company's dress code. For instance, if you are interviewing for a position in a corporate office building, most of the employees may wear suit and ties. If you are interviewing for a position with a janitorial service agency, the employees may dress more casually. Dress for your interview based on the company's atmosphere or dress code.

What To Wear

If the company's dress code is business professional, wear a suit, tie and dress shoes. No vest is necessary. Choose a conservative suit instead of a bold colored suit with crazy patterns. Conservative suit colors include black, navy blue, brown and dark gray. If the company atmosphere is casual, wear business casual attire to the interview. Don't go the interview in a uniform or t-shirt and jeans. Business casual clothing includes a nice pair of slacks, button down shirt and a pair of loafers. No tennis or gym shoes allowed.

The Small Details

Small details make a big difference when it comes to your interview attire. Make sure your clothing is free from wrinkles and stains. Polish your loafers or dress shoes to make sure they are shined and scuff free. Don't wear a lot of jewelry to the interview. One watch and one ring is OK. Anything more than that is too much. If you have an ear piercing, remove the earring before your interview. If you have any tattoos, choose clothing that adequately conceals the tattoos.

Proper Grooming

In addition to wearing the proper attire, you should properly groom yourself for the interview. Otherwise, you won't make a good impression. Make sure you shave and get a fresh hair cut before the interview. If you have facial hair, it should be neatly trimmed. Clean the dirt and grime from under your fingernails. It doesn't hurt to add a clear coat of nail polish. Lastly, wear very little or no cologne. The interviewer might just have a low tolerance for fragrances.