What to Wear for an Interoffice Interview

You've applied for a new job in your office that gives you a higher salary and an official title. Even though the job interview takes place in your current office, it's advisable not to relax the formal standards for job interviewing. Treat the interview as you would a session with an outside company -- dress for the success you hope to gain and blow away your competition with your professionalism.


Even if the typical work wear for your office includes sandals and jeans for both men and women, dress for the job interview as if you've never been hired for a job at your company. Suits for both sexes mean formality and attention to detail. If the new job requires informal dress, tone down the suit by selecting a less-severe color, such as brown or dark grey, and a fabric suitable for the season. Winter suiting using a light-weight wool and cotton blends for summer offer professionalism while still offering a chance to show your individual clothing style for the interviewers.

Shirt or Blouse

Plan to take off your jacket during the office interview, even if you wear your suit jacket through the entire session. This means wearing an ironed shirt and long sleeves. This provides a more formal look during the interview. Select a shirt or blouse color other than white, such as off-white or pale blue, but avoid loud patterns for women or black or navy for men. Coordinate a necktie with the suit and shirt fabric for men. Women should pay attention to skin exposure when selecting a blouse to wear underneath the jacket. Don't select anything requiring exposes undergarments or is cut so low or hemmed so high that it distracts the interviewers from the interview content.

Fresh Clothing

If you don't have money for new interview clothing, select a suit and shirt from your closet, rent a suit or borrow the appropriate clothing from a same-sized friend to wear to the interview. Make sure the clothing fits well, is not too trendy and is also clean and pressed to present a professional appearance. Steer clear of anything out-of-date; classic dress avoids any unnecessary attention to your appearance. Pay special attention to your shoes and socks. Clean your shoes and match your socks, or nylons or tights for women, to your suit and shoes. Wear formal dress shoes, for both men and women, with your suit for the interview, even if this is the first time your co-workers have seen you in a dress shoe.

Interview Distractions

Avoid new hairstyles or cuts for the interview. Chances are the interviewers know you from the office, and the new hairdo or cut provides a distraction from your regular look. Avoid bright colored nail polish, distracting-patterned neckties and socks or jewelry that attracts the eye of the interviewers. Face jewelry, including nose or eyebrow piercings, and elaborate ear jewelry distract during the interview. If you wear these types of jewelry every day to work, select your least-distracting pieces for the interoffice interview.