Marketing Interview Dress Etiquette

For a job interview of any kind, you always want to look polished, professional and organized. Just because a job is in a creative field does not make the interview more casual. However, marketing interviews present a chance to show your professionalism, creativity and ability to sell yourself and a product. Therefore, your dress should communicate an understanding of polished presentation and attention to detail.

Classic, Professional Attire

Whether you are male or female, invest in a good business suit in a neutral or dark color. For women, it is never appropriate to wear tight, low-cut, or revealing attire to a job interview. According to the Florida Atlantic University Career Development Center, men should always wear a full suit to an interview. You should button the jacket while standing and unbutton it while sitting down. For ladies, avoiding trendy styles is a must as you have far less control over the impression you will make with trendy clothing and accessories.

The Right Shoes for Women

According to the FAU Career Development Center, never wear open-toed shoes to an interview or heels that are too high. Flats are too casual for an interview, so a pump or shoe with a low heel is the best option. The Career Development Center suggests that 1 to 2 inches is the best height for your shoes. Your heels should match your suit color and never contain shiny adornments.

The Right Ties for Men

Choose a conservative tie with a subtle pattern or solid color for a marketing interview. Flashy or trendy ties can be off-putting and distracting. Even though the interview is focused on a creative job, your tie and accessories should not be flashy, wild or eclectic. Allow your talents and work history to demonstrate your creativity, not your style and clothing choices.

Makeup and Jewelry

Roberta Nedry, president of Hospitality Excellence Inc., stated in an interview with that you will only have one small moment to make an impression on your interviewers, and that what you wear will speak for you before you even have the chance to start a conversation. She advises that you stay away from strong perfumes, flashy jewelry and heavy makeup. The best rule of thumb: Stick to the attire you would wear if you were meeting with clients or giving a formal presentation. No matter the type of job, you should always approach an interview as a formal and professional setting. If you are unsure about the particular company's standards, call the human resources department before the interview and ask about attire.