Interview Answer: How Can an Employee Contribute to a Company?

Contribution to the company interview questions are designed to help employers identify the best applicants. Your answer to this kind of question should demonstrate that you've done your homework on the company and understand its needs, and that you have the ability to think under pressure.

Research the Company

Carefully research the company and the position you are applying for so you know how to formulate your answers, suggests the University of Colorado Boulder Career Services. Read through the company's website to learn more about its culture, mission, strategic vision, management team and history. Try to find news or industry articles on the company that detail some of its recent growth initiatives as well as its strategy for winning market share from competitors.

You can successfully answer contribution to the company interview questions by discerning the company's current needs, and then using that information to respond with confidence and without hesitation.


I read a recent article in Business World that described your interest in opening a branch office in Mesa. The bank had just opened when I was hired as assistant manager at my current job. I was able to use my leadership and organizational skills to head up a transition team that enabled us to quickly swing into full operation.

Highlight Achievements

Provide specific examples from your past work experiences that demonstrate how you used your skills to make a significant contribution to the organization. For example, you might discuss a recent project you completed on time and under budget, or how you set up a new software program that helped the company improve its performance. Explain in detail any contributions that you made for previous employers that helped them reach their goals.

Next, explain how these skills and experiences can benefit the company you're interviewing with, using your research on the company to help inform your answers. If you aren't afraid to work overtime, let the hiring manager know that you are willing to work until your job is done and not watch the clock.


You mentioned that widget sales have been flat for several months. My extensive experience in web analytics could help the company identify and tap new markets. I recently led a social marketing team that increased widget sales by 37 percent in just three months.

Describe Ambitious Goals

When you are asked how you can contribute to the company, incorporate your own goals into what you can contribute to the company, then explain that you are looking for a career opportunity that leads to additional responsibilities. This will help highlight your drive and ambition and let the interviewer know that you are looking for something long-term.

You can also explain that you would like to increase your knowledge about the position by attending evening classes or learning a new software program. This goal will make you more valuable as a potential employee. Business Insider recommends sharing important information that is not on your resume.


I am confident in my ability to bring in 10 new clients each month. My personal sales goal of consistently exceeding the company's expected quota will help increase my potential employer's sales and client base.

Identify Key Strengths

Forbes suggests that even the trickiest interview questions can be answered by telling a story that demonstrates your assets and abilities. Before the interview, make a list of your greatest strengths. Once you outline your strengths there should be at least three or four that match the job description. The best answer to what you can contribute to this company is a specific example of how your strengths align with the open position, and how they can help the company improve its performance.


The job description stressed that you are looking for an ambitious, results-oriented sales manager. I was quickly promoted from sales representative to assistant sales manager after shattering sales records. I organized and led highly motivated sales teams that achieved our goal of tapping lucrative markets in a previously overlooked parts of the state. I know I can achieve the same results for this company if given the opportunity.