How to Be Enthusiastic in Interviews

A stellar first impression is key to acing a job interview. Interviewers want an employee who is passionate, interesting, hard-working, and who will be a good ambassador for the company. Enthusiasm draws people to you, makes you appear fun and approachable, and is contagious. If you are enthusiastic, the interviewer will be enthusiastic about you.

Research the Company

Go to the company website. Learn about the history and founders of the company. Get a good understanding of what they currently do. Learn as much as you can. Practice using your knowledge of the company while answering potential interview questions like, "What piqued your interest in this job?" and "What do you like most about this field?" Interviewers will note your preparedness and take it as a sign you are genuinely enthusiastic about the potential job.

Positive Body Language

High energy people look more enthusiastic; get a good night's rest before an interview. Sit and stand up straight, with shoulders back and head held high. Lean forward to appear more attentive. Make direct eye contact with the interviewer and smile a lot. Talk with your hands and use animated facial expressions. Do not cross your arms, look at the floor or tap your foot. Positive body language shows you are professional, engaging and an all-around enthusiastic person to be around.

Speak Carefully

Don't ramble or speak too quickly. Enunciate and speak in complete sentences. Avoid long "ums" and "uhs." Instead say, "That's a great question. I need one moment to think about it." Vary the tempo and tone of your voice, using voice inflection to bring attention to important points. Laugh when appropriate. Do not interrupt the interviewer. At appropriate times, ask thoughtful questions about the job and the interviewer. Speaking this way makes you appear confident, articulate and fun, helping the interviewer imagine you would be fun to work with.

Be Sincere

Do not gush about the company or job unless you are really, truly that passionate about it. Being enthusiastic does not mean being cheesy and over-the-top. Talk about the things that do excite you about the job with a positive attitude. If this is your dream job, definitely say so, but don't fake it. Enthusiasm works best when it's sincere.

Follow Up Promptly

After an interview, mail or email a thank you note as soon as possible. Use the note to address any reservations the interviewer expressed. For example, if the interviewer was concerned about your writing skills, enclose a brief writing sample on a topic relevant to the job. Express your willingness for a second interview and reiterate your interest in the job. Say you will call to follow-up within a specific time frame and do so. Other job candidates may not send a thank you after an interview. Following up shows enthusiasm and may sway an interviewer in your favor.