Email Format for a Follow-Up Resume

You needn't reinvent the wheel nor overwhelm the recruiter or hiring manager with another entire set of application materials when all you want to do is send a follow-up resume after you've completed an employment application. When you express interest in a job, keep all of your communication -- email and otherwise -- relevant and succinct. This includes using a clean email format for submitting your follow-up documentation.


Use a professional email address. Avoid using our whimsical or recreational email address for your job search. An email address, such as "MizzouFan2013," doesn't match your name, and it's likely to evoke an eyeroll instead of a phone call to schedule an interview time. Address the email to the recruiter or hiring manager using the proper title and salutation, such as, "Dear Ms. Smith." Until you meet her, don't begin your message with "Hi, Susan."


Avoid repeating what you said in your initial cover letter. Simply state that you're including your resume as a follow up to your interest in the job and include the position title and the date on which you first applied. Conclude your email with a promise to contact the reader by phone and indicate your availability for an interview.