How to Dress for the Police Officer Oral Board Interview

Before getting hired as a police officer, you are required to undergo several assessments. These assessments include a background check, written examination and physical fitness test. After passing all of the aforementioned tests, you have one final test to pass. This final test is the oral board interview. During this live panel interview, your attire is just as important as your answers to the interview questions. Dress in a manner that shows you are professional, poised and respectable.


Dress in business professional clothing. Business professional attire for men is a nice suit, dress shirt and tie. Ladies can wear a nice skirt suit, pants suit or dress. If wearing a skirt or dress, make sure it is no shorter than knee length. Wearing anything shorter can be distracting to the board members and also send the wrong message about you.


Choose a conservative color for your suit. Conservative colors for men include dark blue and gray. Ladies can wear black as a conservative color, in addition to the dark blue and gray for your suit color, instead of wearing a light colored suit. Your entire outfit does not have to be blue. For instance, men can wear a white, light blue or gray shirt underneath.


Dry clean your suit before the interview to ensure it is free of odors, stains and wrinkles. Ensure you are well groomed from head to toe. Get a fresh haircut. Shave. Trim your fingernails. Wear very little fragrance or none at all.


Do not wear gym shoes, sandals or shoes that are flashy and extravagant. Instead, wear simple dress shoes that are meticulously shined and polished. Black or brown are recommended colors for footwear.


Keep the jewelry to a minimum. Ladies should stay away from large earrings. If you must wear earrings, limit them to a pair of studs or small hoops. It is okay for men to wear a watch and a wedding ring.