How to Dress for an Inflight Interview

Many airlines, such as Southwest and JetBlue, use the term “inflight” crew to refer to their flight attendants. The inflight crew serves as the public face of the company, so the image you present at an interview will be a significant factor in the decision process to hire you. A flight attendant’s appearance is usually conservative to provide a professional impression, so your best bet is to dress in a similar manner for your interview to show that you can adhere to the company’s culture and dress code.

Outfit Basics

Pick out a professional, well-fitting outfit that mimics a flight attendant’s uniform. Men should opt for a suit or dark slacks and a long-sleeved dress shirt. A black or blue pantsuit or a skirt set that goes to the knee is a suitable choice for ladies. Women should also wear pantyhose during cold months.

A Touch of Style

Inflight crew members aren’t supposed to be flashy, but both sexes can still introduce small elements of style and color. You can achieve this by wearing a colored top, tie or scarf. You can also add a few simple pieces of jewelry or other accessories. Avoid gaudy or distracting items and bright colors to keep it professional.


Your shoes should not only coordinate with the outfit, they also need to be free of holes, scuffs and other signs of wear and tear. Shine them if necessary. Women should wear closed-toed pumps with a heel no higher than three inches. Gentlemen need a pair of black dress shoes paired with dark-colored socks.


Pull shoulder-length or longer hair into a neat ponytail or bun. Men with long hair may want to think about cutting it to better fit with the image of an inflight crew member. Candidates with short hair should go for a simple, business-oriented style. Wash out or dye any atypical colors.


Use makeup sparingly and maintain a subtle, natural look. Avoid heavy eyeliner or mascara as well as bright eye shadow and lipstick. Make sure any foundation or powder you use matches your skin tone. If you use nail polish, choose neutral, pale colors such as pastels and creams.