What Is a Bondable Courier?

Couriers pick up and deliver packages in trucks, vans, cars or even on bicycles in all weather conditions. Businesses expect couriers to deliver packages safely and on time. Some companies use only bondable couriers to avoid risk. A bonded courier lets a business owner know the courier has been deemed responsible and trustworthy.

Trusted System

Businesses and consumers rely on couriers to deliver their packages safely. Using a bondable courier gives the assurance that, should a package get lost or stolen, its replacement cost is covered. For example, if a company sends a computer via a bondable courier and the delivery is stolen, the bonded courier service is able to reimburse the company for the loss of its computer.


Not all courier companies are bondable. A courier company must apply for a bond. A bonding company takes the responsibility of paying a claim in case the courier company damages or loses a package. They carefully asses the risk of the courier company's deliveries before issuing a bond. For example, pharmaceutical deliveries might be higher risk than letter deliveries. A high-risk courier company with less-than-perfect credit might pay a higher price for the bonding.

Bondable Criteria

A bonding company does a background check at the courier company's request to determine if its couriers are bondable. The background check includes any history of criminal activity, a credit check and a clean driving record. A courier job can be physically demanding, involving heavy lifting and long hours. A bonding company might also ask for the medical history of the courier to determine his physical condition.


Not all courier services need to be bondable. It depends on the types of goods the courier company delivers and the risk of theft. Courier companies with several staff and subcontractors or seasonal employees might need to protect themselves by purchasing bonding. It helps in competition, giving customers the assurance that they are not at risk while the package is in the courier's hands.