What to Avoid Wearing to Your Interview If You Are a Guy

Whether a job interview is virtual or in-person, making the right first impression is of the utmost importance. Do clothes matter in an interview for guys? The answer is that they certainly do, even if the interview is for a laid-back position where you can work from home. Everything you wear sends a signal to the interviewer, and countless job offers have disappeared because of clothing and accessories that were distracting. Don't make that mistake; you must learn what is not appropriate to wear to an interview.

Clothing Do's and Don'ts for a Job Interview

The key thing for men or women to remember about interview attire is not to wear distracting garments or jewelry. The main focus should be you, not an amazing new tattoo, loud jewelry or a too-small suit. Your outfit should enhance an interviewer's impression of your professional skills, not detract from it. For in-person interviews, shower beforehand and never put on any perfume or aftershave.

What you wear should complement and enhance your professional skills and experience. In general, you want to dress for the job you are interviewing for and raise the level of formality slightly until you've been offered the job. To this end, experts from Mau Workforce Solutions advise interviewees never to wear any revealing clothing to interviews. This includes low necklines, shorts and low-rise pants. Your mid-section should be covered, and there should be no clothing visible under your garments; in other words, do not wear a sheer top that showcases your undershirt.

Even if you are applying for a high-fashion job, it is better to err on the side of modesty because you never know how someone will judge you. This also applies to wearing loud colors and prints or showcasing offensive body art. You should also avoid wearing headphones during an interview. Can you wear jewelry to a job interview? Yes, but choose carefully. Perhaps a few tasteful smaller pieces will suit, instead of a giant, chunky statement necklace.

What Guys Should Avoid Wearing to a Job Interview

No one should wear revealing clothing or loud colors to interviews, regardless of their gender. Never wear stained or wrinkled clothing, warns the team at Firsthand. Take it to the dry cleaners the week before or wear something else. If you plan to wear a suit, make sure that it fits properly; you will look unkempt and unprofessional if it is too tight or loose. As for shoes, avoid sandals and sneakers and stick to comfortable dress shoes instead.

You can opt to wear a tie, but this is not always necessary for casual interviews. Firsthand does not like bowties, but you may feel one is appropriate for a formal interview where you want to stand out somewhat from the competition. Experts also advise against wearing any hats, graphic T-shirts or blue jeans. Reconsider jewelry of any kind except for a wedding band,

Choosing the Right Colors

Colors can say a lot about a person, but steer clear of any loud color or limit it to an accent. Certain colors are associated with particular characteristics, explain the writers at UpJourney, and you should consider these when dressing for an interview. Black signifies authority, brown equals responsibility, and gray can signify wisdom.

Somewhat more vibrant, red stands for assertiveness, navy blue implies trust, and yellow represents positivity. Use red and yellow for accents such as ties, and stick to the other colors for a conservative look.