How to Avoid Being Overconfident in an Interview

You should enter every interview with a level of confidence that reflects your ability to perform effectively in the job. Too much confidence, however, can be off-putting to potential employers. To successfully master the art of interviewing, you need to find a balance between being confident and overconfident.

Consider How You’re Perceived

Tthe perceptions you create during a job interview can have a big impact on whether you are hired. According to Quintessential Careers job coach Diane Burns, the number one mistake job hunters make is being overconfident in interviews. While you certainly want to highlight your strengths and experience, be sure to also mention that you are always willing to learn and look forward to expanding your knowledge at the compan. This way, you won’t be perceived by the interviewer as being cocky. Explain how mentors in the past have helped you grow in your career.

Don’t Assume You Know It All

When you are overly confident in your abilities to woo an interviewer, you might have a tendency to forgo the preparation. Overconfidence might lead you to assume you have the job locked up. If this happens, you will get caught off guard when asked for specific examples of your experience, leading you to embellish your credentials or stumble over pointed questions. Before an interview, prepare by rehearsing your answers to the most commonly asked interview questions. Research the company and its history and learn as much about the recruiter as you can. Rely on your research and not your assumptions.

Be Friendly and Open

Overconfidence comes across as insincerity. The interviewer recognizes the unnatural state and might wonder what you are hiding, or why you can’t be more relaxed and natural. Overconfidence can also make you look like you are too wrapped up in yourself. Since interviewers must consider how you’ll fit in with the other people at the company, you should be able to clearly articulate how you get along with all kinds of people. Recruiters use the interview as a time to gauge your personality as well as your skills.

Take the Interview Seriously

When you are overconfident, you might find it easier to relax during an interview. Being too relaxed might relay the message that you’re not really serious about the job or the interview. Remain friendly. Avoid slouching or bringing up topics that have nothing to do with the work. While you don’t want to appear nervous, being too relaxed might give the recruiter pause as to how serious you are about getting the job and doing the work.